4mm white gold size 6.5

Titles are an interesting thing. I once had to explain to a roommate that if she spent everyday with a guy, spent his money, fell asleep at his house and kissed him that he was her boyfriend even she said they were "just friends."

For a year and a half Lover has been asking me to marry him, and every time I would answer, "I want to." I did. I wanted to marry him so badly but I had a variety of issues to figure out before I could marry him. It was a long, tearful, painful and irreplaceable time but I did figure Hilary out.
Then last year, right before Christmas vacation, we had finished a rawly honest conversation and we were cuddling on his bed when he asked me again;
"Marry me, Hilary."

He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.
"Yes. I will marry you."

And so now, nine months later, I'm "officially" engaged. I have my ring and I changed my status on Facebook and we are planning a wedding.And to be honest, making it Facebook official really does make me feel more official.

A lot of people will wonder about the gaps, the time lines and the roller coaster of our relationship, but there's nothing really to say other than we're official and we will continue to be official from now to forever.

Weird. And so wonderful.