Across the country to Atlanta

Continuing the epic, cross-country story:
After a six-hour nap, and a stop at the famous ice cream shop, Ted Drewes, we made the final leap into Atlanta where Taylor’s family lives.

Ted Drewes is awesome, and somehow famous. I'm not sure how a little ice cream shop gets to be nationally recognized, but it is. My parents lived in Saint Louis 30 years ago and they ate there then. Watch how an exhausted Hilary eats her ice cream.

p.s. I love ice cream.

We did finally make it to Atlanta where we spent a week with my in-laws. I like those crazy people a lot. My mother-in-law has a juicer so we drank beet/carrot/celery/apple juice everyday, which does amazing things for your body. My nails started growing super fast and you start to crave the stuff. Now I'm sans-juicer and I'm not happy about it.

We spent most of our time watching the Olympics and driving around looking at Taylor's old stomping grounds. This was at the old drag race track. Doesn't it look like we stepped into Jumanji?

The other item of note is my sister-in-law's furniture business, Furniture by Maria. All summer she's been buying old wooden furniture, painting and antiquing it. She's really good. So good, in fact, she's spent most of her time completing custom orders and she has them lined up for Christmas and next summer. So, while she and my mother-in-law were at their finest, I pulled out my camera.

Are your visits to the in-laws this fun?


Roadtrip: Stage one

Today is Taylor’s first day of law school, we are officially moved into our new place in Jacksonville, Florida, and I already have a tan.

Pretty incredible how quickly life changes. A few weeks ago I was busy working at OrangeSoda, making friends and feeling productive about life. Now I’m across the country, using internet from our new clubhouse to work remotely and Taylor is in school full-time. It was actually difficult for me to leave Utah (never thought I’d say that) but I’m so glad we’re here. Jacksonville seems great so far and we’re 15 minutes from the beach. Holler.

But more on Jacksonville later. Today, and Thursday, I’ll update you on our trip out here.

We left Utah with our Explorer and Taylor-made trailer and we were so excited.

We decided to take the north route so we drove through Wyoming (see the windmills below) and Nebraska.

 See our reflection? That and corn were all the entertainment Nebraska had to offer.

We meant to stop in Omaha, but there was a bridge tournament so there were zero open hotel rooms. Seriously, bridge. Anyway, we got about 40 minute south of Omaha and found an American Inn & Suites just off a trucker stop. We got as far as our teeth-brushing when Taylor found used earplugs in the bed. It was enough to piss him off, wake him up and we headed off (with full refund).

We ended up going until we were just outside of Saint Louis. We watched the sunrise (check out my picture of it or see all of them in Instagram @hurststatus) We checked into a Motel 6 a full 24 hours after leaving Utah. Taylor’s incredible, doing that with our little trailer.