Apple Bread

I have a passion for creating. One of the ways that comes to life is with food. Why not? You get to create, then eat. A solid combination.
Side note: My roommate and I had a discussion about the difference between artistic and crafty. I am the latter, with strong appreciation for the former. I come from a family of artists of media, fashion, music, you name it. Example: Hannah at Hannah Explains it All. And back in.

My newest creation was inspired by this from Eat, Live, Run via Pinterest.
I made my bread from my favorite Challah recipe, and though it was a little undercooked I was proud of the monstrosity I created.
If you're interested in a fun, and impressive recipe, give it a shot. It was actually really easy.

Happy creating (baking)!


despite loving Blue, I'm obsessing over Fuschia

I felt like reposting this from my tumblr.


sunburnt shoulders

Last week Lover and I made a last minute decision to go to California. We've been wanting a break and we crunched numbers and figured out we could do a five-day trip for relatively cheap, so we packed up and headed out.
I didn't even realize how badly I needed a break. I should have documented day-by-day, but I didn't, so here's a bullet pointed list of some stuff we did.

  • Ate tacos in Palmdale.
  • Drove through LA county.
  • Stayed the night in Malibu.
  • Awoken at 4:30 am by a party bus backing into the hotel's privacy glass that surrounded the pool.
  • Fished.
  • Walked around Santa Monica.
  • Drove the Hollywood hills.
  • Drove up the PCH.
  • Crashed in King City. (The only place we could find a hotel room.)
  • Beached it up at Santa Cruz.
  • Ate Pleasure Pizza.
  • Played with my parents.
  • Walked through the red woods.
  • Met up with old friends.
  • Drove home.
Here are some pictures:

Fishing off the Malibu pier.

Seaweed and fish eggs lover fished out of the ocean in Santa Cruz.

Surfer in Santa Cruz.

I taught Lover the tricks of catching Pacific coast sand crabs.

Sand crab.

Before I wrap up this quick version of my weekend, I just want to say something about Memorial day. 

I've always respected those who sacrificed for our country, but it has never been personal for me. My great grandfather was hurt on the boat traveling to WWII, so he never actually saw battle. My granddad was pulled last minute from going to Korea and my Dad is just barely too young to have gone to Vietnam.
However, just after Lover and I met he joined the army and his unit is scheduled to deploy soon. I love him, I love the others who are in his position and it is more personal than I ever thought possible.

Thank you to everyone who fought and fights for the United States, and thank you to those who support them.