Labor Day of Love

This weekend I drove out to California for my aunt's* wedding with my uncle/aunt and their four kids aged 12, 9, 7 and 3. It was an adventure, especially once the seven-year old started throwing up. They're good kids and they like me so it was a good drive even though it was long.

We spent the night in Reno at Circus Circus (where I almost gambled the $5 voucher my 18 year-old cousin picked up but we didn't have time) and a couple of hours in Tahoe catching crawdads (or crayfish for you southerners) and swimming. I love Tahoe. My dad's parents owned a cabin just outside there in Truckee so the Sierra Nevadas definitely say "home" to me. Plus the warm weather, chilly water and the adventure of catching crawdads brings back really good memories. I almost stayed in Tahoe, but I wanted to see my parents and sister/brother-in-law so I didn't.

The wedding was fantastic! My aunt is beautiful. I know everyone says that about the bride, but Ashley is exceptionally gorgeous. See for yourself:

 I love my family. All the time I spent chasing the little cousins (on my mom's side we have cousins almost consistently from age 26 to 1) and talking with my grandparents is special to me. Especially as I watch my grandparents get older I take time to appreciate them more.
This is my mom's dad with my youngest cousin:

Some fun highlights from the trip:

  • Ate peach cobbler for breakfast with the Hursts.
  • Enjoyed the wedding ceremony because it was personal, tender and appropriate.
  • Watched personalities clash in ways I never recognized before.
  • Found out Grandma Hurst still has her wedding dress. It's beautiful.
  • Received one of Grandma Hurst's turquoise necklaces. It's a newer one Grandad bought her two years ago and she asked me if I would enjoy it. Ummm...duh.
  • Realized my three-year old cousin (whose birthday was on Sunday) was almost a carbon-copy of me on my third birthday.
    • This is us:

There's really no way to explain my family except that they kick ass. No, really.

*She's technically my aunt but she's 21 years younger than my mom, her sister, and she's only six years older than I am so our relationship has definitely not been the typical aunt/niece one.


  1. 1. Hooray for family!

    2. Love Tahoe.

    3. Congrats to Ashley, and yeah...totally gorgeous! You must be related or something.

    4. Love your g-rents and ours!

    5. YUM peach cobbler!

    6. Why didn't I know Grandma still has her wedding dress?! I have a photo of them on their wedding day hanging on our wall...I love it. :)

    7. My first instinct when I read Grandma gave you some turquoise was "lucky bitch." So I guess I'll leave it at that: you lucky bitch. But I love you.

    And that's all. :)

  2. Haha, yes I am a lucky bitch. I was really surprised she offered. What I would love to inherit (but chances of me actually inheriting it are about one percent) is Grandma's original navajo doll.