butter is to potatoes and love is to pink rockstars

Since it was my roomie's birthday yesterday, Lover and I cooked her dinner. Pretty much awesome. So awesome, in fact, I forgot to take pictures. I only remembered after I ate my cupcake, so I had to grab a second to take a picture.

Dinner was awesome. Lover cooked 4.5 pounds of tri-tip and I made mashed potatoes with a pound of butter. Yup. So good. There were eight of us, and we ate, laughed and tweeted. 

On a more somber note. I found two more holes in my favorite jeans.
I inherited these from a roommate a year ago. I patched them once when she gave them to me, then again six months ago. I'd replace them, but they're True Religions and I don't want to spend $200 on jeans right now. Maybe if I get the job I just applied for then I'll treat myself. Until then. . . totally not above patching these until there's nothing original left. Haha.

In other news: 
If you can't wait until Shark Week, get your fix with Shark Men.
I'm obsessed with Pink Rockstars. Especially when I saw the 2011 Fuschia Dodge Challenger at a car show earlier this year.  It's a match made in heaven.

Lots of love.


spring rain and summer sun

We had a glimpse of summer this weekend and it was fantastic, so I'm giving you a glimpse of my weekend.

I always love an excuse to eat mexican food, so I welcomed in Cinco de Mayo whole-heartedly.

Here's Lover being silly in the hammock chair in front of my house.

The weather hit 80 on Saturday, so we rented a sea kayak and took it out on the river/lake. It was perfect! Lover brought his fishing stuff (didn't catch anything) and I brought a book (didn't read it). We paddled up the river, then floated back to the lake. It was a solid shoulder work out, definitely a fun way to spend a lazy day.

I didn't take any pictures on the lake, but I took this one while Lover was buying worms in the gas station.

With Sunday being Mother's Day, I always appreciate the opportunity to recognize my mother. I try to do it year-round, but it is fun to have the excuse to be sappy and tell her how much I love her.

This is my mom. I love her, not only because she's my mom, but because we understand each other. My mom and I are a lot a like. We have similar interests, skills, weaknesses, ways of thinking and we love life. Being similar helps us get each other and gives me a lot of respect for the ways she has overcome weaknesses we share. She's the only person who can match my bone-headedness, but she knows how to let that go when necessary. I could go on, but I'll end with this: She's amazing.


Down and back up again

I'm usually pretty healthy, but for some reason this past week I've been down for the count. I think it's going away.

In other news:
Lover and I bought a bocce ball set. We're currently even when it comes to number of games we've each won.
I want to go to the little antique shop downtown to get some crystals from an old chandelier I've been eyeing.
The weather is impeccable. I'm typing this while lying on the lawn.
I'm looking for jobs in South Carolina.
I got my hair cut today.
I love getting my hair played with and Twix, the guy who cuts my hair, says my hair is his favorite long hair to cut. Whether it's just flattery or not, I like hearing it.

Other than my stomach waging war against me, I'm fantastic.