Orange-Type Karma

Remember how I talked about putting myself out there and seeing positive results? You know, Bill Murray? Well, it continues.

The day after I wrote that post, I was pulled into one of my company's executive's offices and he asked me if I would be interested in taking a new position.

Long story short:
This executive was so impressed by the work I submitted for the competition he created a job position just for me. I'm technically the "Operations Analyst" but it's really a mix of executive assistant, project guru and get-it-done-right operative.

It's bad ass.

Seriously, I am using my mind in a way I love, it stretches me and I can see my work making a difference throughout the company. It's amazing.

As for continuing my good karma: We just launched a new product, PageInk, and for the launch we had a little party at work, part of which you could spin a wheel to win a shirt, hat or pen. I have been wanting a PageInk hat so badly, I'm not even sure why. So, I told myself I would win. Badabing-badaBOOM! I now own a PageInk hat. I was happy*.

*"Happy" is an understatement. "Stoked" is more accurate. I literally ran out of the party to yell at DeNeige telling her I had won. Thank goodness my friends get my weirdness.


Scenes from the weekend

Chocolate-dipped ice cream from Maceys.

Ducklings all over the place.

Taylor flying our kite.


Why, Thank you Bill Murray!

This year I have been working on being more aggressive in taking advantage of opportunities that expand, showcase or otherwise involve my talents. I have an issue with people seeing my skills because I have this weird fear where I feel like I haven't reached my true ability, and I'm embarrassed by that. But that's dangerous, because you can't reach your potential without putting yourself out there. Right?

So this year, I was published in the Huffington Post here. I was a finalist in the Stratejoy "Living Life on Your Own Terms" contest. And most recently I submitted 20 pages of content for an intra-company contest. I took liberty with the topic and submitted an internal re-branding proposal.

As one of the winners I received a chunk of change and I will be part of the committee to finalize the documentation.


In response, my dear co-worker, Whitney, gave me this:



Work Lessons and Life Mottoes

Working full-time has been a great opportunity to really learn. Let me bullet-point a few things I have found to be especially pertinent to career-minded women and to me.
  1. Talk More. We hear all the time that we need to listen more, but it goes two ways: we really do need to talk more. I have spent a lot of time listening and talking with my co-workers about general life issues and specific life problems. I have always loved listening to people, because I feel like I am able to "get the interesting from them" but really it helps me establish myself, my goals and my direction. And I am astounded at how much people just need to be heard aka they need to talk.
  2. Self-confidence. Two office-girlfriends and I have made this picture our new life motto. Women have an uncanny ability to be our own worst enemies. And so, we have all decided enough is enough. We are beautiful, we are smart, we are capable and dammit, the world is going to know it!

  3. Do work. The number one thing I've tell myself is to just do work. No matter how boring, how unrelated it may seem to my long-term goals, or how much I may begrudge it, just get it done to the best of my abilities.