Last week I was blog stalking an ex-roommate (with whom I have no real relationship but know a little about her) and everything about her blog seemed fake. It felt like a prepackaged happy-blogger about life, love and food. The entire thing seemed like a facade to appear like her life is perfect so she can get followers. It weirded me out so badly it left me feeling bummed all day, so much so that I have to change the way I approach my blog.

This has to be real or else I'll hate my blog (and probably myself for writing such a cliché blog) in three months, so:
  • No more nicknames. Lover's name is Taylor.
  • I'm going to be raw at times about life.
  • For the record: I really don't care if anyone follows me or not.
That's about all, I guess. Except that Taylor and I made sunflower seeds from the sunflowers in our garden. They're so delicious! They're super salty and they have a really good pop when you bite them and they almost taste like popcorn, which is weird but awesome.


  1. Yes, yes, YES! This was something I felt really strongly about when I started my blog, too. I refused to refer to Nathaniel as "Hubby" or constantly talk about how awesome my life is. If you can't be real, your happiness/awesomeness doesn't really mean anything.

  2. ugh. i can't believe you wrote about my blog. again. hehehe. if you could be anything but fake, hilary!

  3. Hannah-We think the same because we are twins.

    Adelaide-Yeah right. Love you!