I was a bossy little kid. I was also a tom-boy. Then, in High School, for a variety of reasons I found a hidden passion in and identified with my girly side, which included a childhood love for princesses*.

One of my family's favorite comics is Baby Blues. When I was a kid there was a series where Zoë declared herself Queen of Everything, and the connection between Zoë's self-declaration and bossiness with mine stuck.

 Over the years my title evolved to Executive Queen of the World, and it pops up everywhere, much to my delight. We're not a family of pet names, so in many ways this is mine.

Now, whenever you see EQOTW or wonder why my blog is Executive Queen of the World, it's not because I'm crazy conceited or an avid princessholic, it's because that's my pet name, my unofficial title, me.

*The Little Mermaid was always my favorite because I love the water. One of my last days senior year I wore a miniature crown for no reason other than I felt like it.