25th Birthday Bike

I've been wanting a bike for a while, so it wasn't a huge surprise to get one for my birthday, but I was really excited. Taylor found a big beach cruiser that is all aluminum, so it won't rust, and looks slick. The first time I took it down to the grocery store, I was locking it up when a man said, "Looks like you got the Cadillac of bikes!" and as I unlocked my bike a woman asked where I got it. Taylor said that it got cat-called as he was leaving the store.

This was the day I got it and since then I've taken all the stickers off so it's solid white. Here's a video of me on my bike.

Because I want a bike buddy, we also got Taylor a bike. His is a switch fixie, so you can either have it as a fixed gear or a single gear. We tried out the fixed-gear style and it was counter-intuitive to always pedal, but it definitely gets you moving. I almost rode backwards, but I didn't trust my balance enough to really do it. We've gone on a bunch of bike rides around our neighborhood so far. Once we rode down to Publix and got some spicy fried chicken, which was actually really good.
We don't really have a great spot to store it in our apartment, but we're working on some crazy schemes. Any recommendations?