End of Summer

I can't believe summer is over. School started on Monday and this is the first fall since I was five that I haven't had to think about something school related. Amazing. It's weird, but I like it. I continue the job search. I've had some awesome leads, and I hope they continue. One thing I love about the end of summer is peach season. Peaches are my absolute favorite fruit! I need to go to the farmers market this week and buy a bunch of them. They're perfect for about two or three weeks in the year and if I forget I'll miss it. I have this memory of buying peaches with Grandad Hurst from the University of Chico's agricultural fields. We were eating peaches off the tree and they were so juicy I had to lift both elbows into the air so the juice would drip to the ground and not all the way down my arms. I'm so lucky to have those kinds of memories with family. And to have such good peaches!

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