New York City: Eat, drink and stay warm

This is the delayed update of the second-half of my trip to New York:

In a lot of ways my time in New York City was two separate trips: New York Fashion Week and a sister (plus brother-in-law) weekend. Luckily I'd already been to NYC before as a tourist, so I didn't feel any pressure to spend my time doing anything other than being a New Yorker.

Thanks to my extreme luck with trips and weather, McKenzie and I spent Thursday prepping for storm Nemo by making a huge pot of soup and french bread, working and watching Parks and Recreation. I looked into switching my plane flight but the prediction was snow for Friday only which would, and did, allow me to fly out Sunday morning without any problems. The only damper Nemo put on our plans is it prevented Philip and Elizabeth from driving up from DC to hang out. Booooo.

New York was so cold, but it was beautiful. The snow added a unique dimension to tromping around and I was so glad McKenzie had two pairs of rain boots. They saved my feet as we sloshed through  gutter-puddles.

As typical New Yorkers we spent the entire weekend eating and walking, thrifting, walking and eating. McKenzie and I both found some awesome thrift finds, but my favorite one I couldn't buy: a full-length black, fur coat. It was perfect. I love fur coats and they are all over New York right now! It still surprises me because I grew up near San Francisco where fur is a no-go. Sadly, I couldn't convince McKenzie to buy it.

We ate at Murray's Bagels twice. I had the bagel with all the grains and nuts on top with cream cheese. Delish.

I also ate 2Bros pizza twice, as requested by Taylor. It's still my favorite by-the-slice pizza place because it's so tasty and it only costs a dollar.

We met the dear Jessica McCord for dinner at Bare Burger, which is fun because everything is natural, including the chocolate peanut butter shake. It was totally different than what I expected, but the natural-peanuty flavor was fitting and delicious. McKenzie and I also hit up Shake Shack for late-night cheese fries and shakes, which is something that fits my personality perfectly: late-night food runs out in the city. One of our late-night dinners was at The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg.

First of all, I love Williamsburg. I am the stylistic and demographic equivalent to Williamsburg and I felt right at home in the little streets. Second, the restaurant felt like a German wursthaus except they were bumping 90s rap/hip hop. I think the music was because it was late on a Saturday night, but still, I found the whole thing comforting.

Donuts. Doughnut Plant was epic and I want to go back all the time. We ate a crème brûlée, a tres leches, a pistachio and a coconut cream donut. All of them were incredible and it's probably a good thing I don't live in New York because I'd eat there at least three times a week. And I'm not exaggerating.

I've already found an awesome eatery I need to try on my next trip to New York. Anyone have any other suggestions of their favorite places to eat?

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