Mom and Dad vist Jacksonville Part 3

Our last full day with Mom and Dad was cool and gray so we decided to drive around downtown Jacksonville.

We stopped by Sweet Pete's and wound up at Gators BBQ, a hole-in-the-wall Mom discovered when researching places for us to go for Taylor's birthday, but is far enough from our house we had never tried before. As can be expected from a southern BBQ pit, the food was delicious.

Side note: Dad reminded us that he was subjected to sulfuric-water-based drinks all weekend, which I don't notice anymore. Taylor even claims it makes the drink taste better.

As we chatted with the lady who took our order she mentioned taking her grandson up to the Okefenokee swamp where they went on a guided boat tour and saw dozens of alligators. Because we had no plans, we headed up to the swamp that is just over the border in Georgia.

The Google directions wound us up into the middle of the swamp, which we later realized was not the closest entrance and we worried would put us in the wrong location for sight seeing. When we finally reached the park we had indeed missed the last guided boat tour.

We ended up renting a john boat and took our own tour. It was incredible. We saw dozens of alligators in such close vicinity they hissed at us before splashing into the water in addition to birds and turtles. I know, the white pants were a bad idea but I had no clue I needed to be on adventurer mode.

Surprisingly enough I found the little, yellow water lily flowers to be one of my favorite things.

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