Refurnishing Furniture: Before

Taylor and I decided it was time to make our apartment a home. We've been living in limbo since we got married (even longer than that if you count all the years spent in student apartments) and we got tired of it so we started looking for furniture and decorations.

We started with a Walmart desk, but it was just looked and felt cheap so we returned it and started hitting up all the thrift stores.  We decided to find a wood desk and paint it black, all thanks to the personalized guidance of my sister-in-law's experience painting furniture.

 We found this desk for $20, the side table for $10 and the mirror for $15. 

Taylor's been busting his butt sanding, painting and sealing and it's looking incredible. His mom and sister have been a lot of help in making things look professional. If we had more space I might consider making and selling some.

We finally feel comfortable and homey in our place. I was really kind of sick of our apartment, but now I love it. Stay tuned for the "after" pictures later this week.

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