Diet Coke #ShowYourHeart competition: I won!

As a supporter of heart health, Diet Coke is sponsoring a Show Your Heart contest. The idea is you post a picture on Instagram within the "Show Your Heart" theme, then five people are selected to fly to New York City for the Red Dress fashion show.

Two days ago, I submitted my picture. I figured it would have a good chance of winning, if it could be seen through the hundreds of pictures being posted, because it is creative, artsy and (semi-) unique, in ways similar to last year's winners.

Yesterday, Diet Coke announced its first winner, and it wasn't me. It was a pretty rough day yesterday in general, so I finally just told Taylor I didn't think I would win, because I never win competitions. It's just not in my luck.

Little did I know, that very night I received a message from Diet Coke. They picked me as the second winner! Let's be honest, I'm unbelievably excited. I'm going to New York City in February and McKenzie gets to come play with me! I just hope I don't freeze.

All those years of drinking Diet Coke finally paid off. To celebrate I made delicious brown sugar cookies from Dad's blog in my red KitchenAid while drinking Diet Coke.

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