Korean Ice Cream

I am obsessed with ice cream. It's in my blood to love it, an inheritance from my dad's side of the family. Naturally this has led Taylor and me to search around Jacksonville for Florida's finest ice cream shops.

The most interesting one we've found is called Three F(x) Ice Cream. It's a mix of Cold Stone and Sub Zero. You pick the flavor ice cream you want (I got raspberry and they had to blend the berries up in the cream. That was a huge bonus for me!) and they pour the base liquid on a cooled metal slab where they mix it around with spatulas until you get creamy, delicious ice cream. I got raspberry ice cream with almonds and chocolate chips.

The intriguing thing about Three F(x) is they promote themselves as an ice cream and waffle shop so Taylor ordered a waffle with Bavarian cream filling. It's hard to say "We didn't know what we were expecting the waffle to look like" because we all know what a waffle looks like. Square, gridded with squares and delicious. So imagine how excited I felt to have the waffle lady drop this off at our table:

Yes. That is a fish waffle. And it was delicious. We've been back to the shop just for waffles because they're that much fun. I may just become a waffle connoisseur.

Apparently fish waffles are popular in Japan (their official name is Taiyaki) but this shop is owned by Koreans, so along with my waffle and ice cream we watched Korean boy band music videos.

Did I mention that Jacksonville is fun?

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