Plane Show & Puerto Rico

The past couple of weeks we've seen a lot of publicity for Wings 'N Wheels, a car/plane show at the local airport. We figured it would be a neat event so we went. It was pretty lame.

There weren't many cars nor planes so it didn't feel full and exciting. There were some things for kids to do, like spraying a miniature fire hose at wooden house cutouts, but not much for us. We were hoping for airplane stunts, but nothing while we were there. We were hoping to meet people involved in local flying clubs or something like that but the event was geared towards a different crowd of people. 

Anyway, the bright side of the day was on our way home we saw a restaurant called Las Antillas. It looked like a good Mexican restaurant (aka: hole-in-the-wall and did not say "Authentic" anywhere) so we stopped.

When we walked in there was a hot-plate setup and no menu. Our confusion was pretty obvious and when the abuelita from the back asked what we wanted Taylor asked if she had any tacos or burritos. She was definitely put-off and explained this was a Puerto Rican restaurant.

She quickly warmed up to us again when Taylor got excited and said he'd never had Puerto Rican food before and started asking questions. We ended up with a plate of rice, veal, plantains and I ordered an empanada on the side. Taylor got an Inca Kola, and yes I know that's Peruvian but it worked.

So delicious! We will definitely be going back, although I will admit; I could not understand her Spanish to save my life. Heaven help me I felt so lost but I don't even care, the food was incredible. Anyone have any experience with Puerto Rican Spanish?

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  1. You need to practice your Caribbean Spanish! Nathaniel can give ya tips! :)