Down and back up again

I'm usually pretty healthy, but for some reason this past week I've been down for the count. I think it's going away.

In other news:
Lover and I bought a bocce ball set. We're currently even when it comes to number of games we've each won.
I want to go to the little antique shop downtown to get some crystals from an old chandelier I've been eyeing.
The weather is impeccable. I'm typing this while lying on the lawn.
I'm looking for jobs in South Carolina.
I got my hair cut today.
I love getting my hair played with and Twix, the guy who cuts my hair, says my hair is his favorite long hair to cut. Whether it's just flattery or not, I like hearing it.

Other than my stomach waging war against me, I'm fantastic.


  1. Wow! The weather sounds lovely! Glad you're doing okay! Have a great weekend!

    XO Shar