It's kind of a misnomer to say we had a date night because Lover and I spend every night doing some kind of date activity (making dinner, watching a movie. . . ) but today I officially "took him out."

We started out by going over to the thrift store. We were there last night and I saw a carousel horse that sparked the innerchild/futuremother in me and I wanted to buy it so badly! Sadly, there's not a lot of extra space or cash for something so frivolous, so we left it there. This morning he took me back to buy it (reasons he took me back: 1- He's amazing. 2-I don't think he's ever seen me so smitten over an object before) but it was gone. Oh well. So instead of spending money, we went and took a two hour nap.

After dragging ourselves into consciousness we headed north where we had lunch at Pho Hoa, the best little restaurant for getting Pho.

 You know the place is legit when the chain has restaurants throughout Asia. We loaded our bowls full of Sriarcha, chili and eel sauce. My nose was running from the heat, exactly how I love it!

Then we went and watched Disney Nature's African Cats.
Lover's favorite animal is the Lion so when we first saw the African Cat's trailer earlier this year we had it on our calendars as a must watch. I loved it. The shots they were able to capture are unbelievable. It's like you're a part of Kenya's safari! And then they tie human emotions to these animals, leaving me empowered as a woman and potential mother. Go see it.

Downtown there's this hole-in-the-wall Belgian restaurant called Bruges. They sell frites and a few meal items, which are amazing, but we went for the waffles and creme fraiche. 

Mine = Cinnamon waffle. Strawberries. Creme Fraiche.
Lover's = Cinnamon waffle. Speculoos. Creme Fraiche.

It's always nice to get away and spend some time together. Spring has been elusive, so today we had some of this:

and some snow.

Much love.

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