butter is to potatoes and love is to pink rockstars

Since it was my roomie's birthday yesterday, Lover and I cooked her dinner. Pretty much awesome. So awesome, in fact, I forgot to take pictures. I only remembered after I ate my cupcake, so I had to grab a second to take a picture.

Dinner was awesome. Lover cooked 4.5 pounds of tri-tip and I made mashed potatoes with a pound of butter. Yup. So good. There were eight of us, and we ate, laughed and tweeted. 

On a more somber note. I found two more holes in my favorite jeans.
I inherited these from a roommate a year ago. I patched them once when she gave them to me, then again six months ago. I'd replace them, but they're True Religions and I don't want to spend $200 on jeans right now. Maybe if I get the job I just applied for then I'll treat myself. Until then. . . totally not above patching these until there's nothing original left. Haha.

In other news: 
If you can't wait until Shark Week, get your fix with Shark Men.
I'm obsessed with Pink Rockstars. Especially when I saw the 2011 Fuschia Dodge Challenger at a car show earlier this year.  It's a match made in heaven.

Lots of love.

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