spring rain and summer sun

We had a glimpse of summer this weekend and it was fantastic, so I'm giving you a glimpse of my weekend.

I always love an excuse to eat mexican food, so I welcomed in Cinco de Mayo whole-heartedly.

Here's Lover being silly in the hammock chair in front of my house.

The weather hit 80 on Saturday, so we rented a sea kayak and took it out on the river/lake. It was perfect! Lover brought his fishing stuff (didn't catch anything) and I brought a book (didn't read it). We paddled up the river, then floated back to the lake. It was a solid shoulder work out, definitely a fun way to spend a lazy day.

I didn't take any pictures on the lake, but I took this one while Lover was buying worms in the gas station.

With Sunday being Mother's Day, I always appreciate the opportunity to recognize my mother. I try to do it year-round, but it is fun to have the excuse to be sappy and tell her how much I love her.

This is my mom. I love her, not only because she's my mom, but because we understand each other. My mom and I are a lot a like. We have similar interests, skills, weaknesses, ways of thinking and we love life. Being similar helps us get each other and gives me a lot of respect for the ways she has overcome weaknesses we share. She's the only person who can match my bone-headedness, but she knows how to let that go when necessary. I could go on, but I'll end with this: She's amazing.

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