Why, Thank you Bill Murray!

This year I have been working on being more aggressive in taking advantage of opportunities that expand, showcase or otherwise involve my talents. I have an issue with people seeing my skills because I have this weird fear where I feel like I haven't reached my true ability, and I'm embarrassed by that. But that's dangerous, because you can't reach your potential without putting yourself out there. Right?

So this year, I was published in the Huffington Post here. I was a finalist in the Stratejoy "Living Life on Your Own Terms" contest. And most recently I submitted 20 pages of content for an intra-company contest. I took liberty with the topic and submitted an internal re-branding proposal.

As one of the winners I received a chunk of change and I will be part of the committee to finalize the documentation.


In response, my dear co-worker, Whitney, gave me this:


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