Orange-Type Karma

Remember how I talked about putting myself out there and seeing positive results? You know, Bill Murray? Well, it continues.

The day after I wrote that post, I was pulled into one of my company's executive's offices and he asked me if I would be interested in taking a new position.

Long story short:
This executive was so impressed by the work I submitted for the competition he created a job position just for me. I'm technically the "Operations Analyst" but it's really a mix of executive assistant, project guru and get-it-done-right operative.

It's bad ass.

Seriously, I am using my mind in a way I love, it stretches me and I can see my work making a difference throughout the company. It's amazing.

As for continuing my good karma: We just launched a new product, PageInk, and for the launch we had a little party at work, part of which you could spin a wheel to win a shirt, hat or pen. I have been wanting a PageInk hat so badly, I'm not even sure why. So, I told myself I would win. Badabing-badaBOOM! I now own a PageInk hat. I was happy*.

*"Happy" is an understatement. "Stoked" is more accurate. I literally ran out of the party to yell at DeNeige telling her I had won. Thank goodness my friends get my weirdness.

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