Electronic Validation

Last week, the Huffington Post College section posted a tweet asking if anyone would be interested in writing a post about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I answered and put together a 500 word op-ed. I don't do well at writing my opinion about a popular and complicated situation because I don't feel I'm qualified to make judgments. A very Socratic mindset of the more I learn, the more I realize I have no idea. But I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity; if a college educated woman who seeks out education and understanding is afraid to say something, who is educated enough? I know I'm not the most educated and I'm definitely not an expert but I am smart enough.

So here it is: I was published on the Huffington Post. I am more proud of this than I seem to be.



  1. Great piece! Congratulations.

    I also have high hopes for this movement, but have a little more faith in the Ron Paul movement which ironically has a similar goal: make the markets free and not rigged.

  2. Thanks for reading it! Whatever it takes, it'll be nice to see some of these movements actually start to move things forward.