I keep having all these great ideas of what I want to write about, and sometimes I'll jot them down, but mostly I forget. I need to start carrying around a notebook. It was easy when I was a full-time student because I always had some sort of bag with me, but now I'm out of the habit.

Goal of the week: Notebook.

I went to get my haircut last week from my main man, Twix (HIGHLY recommend him), and there was a kid there getting his back-to-school haircut and I started thinking about my first days of junior/high school. I kind of miss that feeling. Getting up early on a late-summer morning, catching up with old friends, feeling older and more important, doing nothing but getting syllabi and promising yourself you're going to nail this year.


I officially started a new blog. It's with my sister, McKenzie, and sister-in-law, Elizabeth.


Still in the starting stages, but I'm excited because we're all so spread out and now we can be bloggers. Say it with me, "NERD!" Yeah.

Also, I made this piñata with my roommate for Cinco de Mayo this year.

That is all.


  1. What? What? What?! Blog with three of my favorite relatives?! I MUST READ IT!!!! :D