SquishFace: Our little french bulldog

Say "Hello" to our little addition! SquishFace is a 9-week old french bulldog girl.

For the past year Taylor and I have talked about, researched and looked for a dog. We've done a ton of research on breeds and, despite my tendency to stay away from trending topics, we found that the best breed for us right now is a frenchie. French bulldogs are so hot right now.

A couple months ago our good friend, Kasey, told us about a puppy store in the local mall so we started stopping by just to ooh and aaah at the different breeds of dogs. The owner is a tall, friendly dog-fanatic who put us on the French Bulldog call list, meaning he'd call us whenever he got a frenchie puppy in. He called once, but the little thing looked too much like a pug to be cute. I know, that doesn't really make sense but I firmly believe little squishy bulldog/boxer faces are adorable and pug faces are just weird.

We fell off the call list.

On Saturday we were out doing errands. (Side note: When a foot injury puts your husband housebound for a week, going out to the grocery store together feels like an adventure.) We were on our way home when I thought about the puppy store. We didn't have anything else planned so we headed down and immediately got absorbed by the Chow puppy that looked like a teddy bear. I was trying to wake up a Boston Terrier when Taylor called my name:

"It's a little Frenchie."

When the shopgirl pulled her out of the crate and put her in the play area for us, Squish was still trying to wake up but immediately pushed her chest out and struck a regal pose before tossing the rope toy around. Watching her play was entertaining but as soon as we pulled her up on our laps she cuddled down and started snoring.

We decided to call her SquishFace, a variation on ScarFace, which means we can call her by any derivative of "Squish." She really is a perfect little puppy. She's small, affectionate, lively and she's exactly the type of french bulldog we pictured owning. It's definitely a sacrifice to take care of her and train her, but she already has a little place in our lives and hearts.

Let me know if you have any advice on puppies!

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