Miami and Southbeach Adventures

Last week Taylor and I met up with my family in southern Florida for a vacation. We met in South beach, which was insane because it was Memorial day weekend and the streets were packed with mostly nude party-ers. We saw all kinds of undress, the most memorable of which was when we stopped to watch a tranny do a Beyonce performance at one of the outdoor bars and we saw a guy and girl bond over the fact they were both only wearing thongs. Yup.

The best part (As much as I enjoyed the insanity of late-night partying, it wasn't my favorite part.) was the hotels. The entire main drag of south beach is lined with hotels built between the 1930s and 1950s and they are gorgeous.


Art deco is one of my favorite styles and the insides of the hotels are modern. One of them especially had a fascinating artistic styling, so much so I snuck some pictures.

The first morning we were in Miami we went walking around and I found a pink Monster Rehab, and though I don't think it tasted very different from the regular Rehab, I loved the pink can. (Weird how girly I've become.)

There's been a conscientious effort to beautify the south beach area so there is an outdoor art installment called something like the Iron Trees where the metal frames have created vine-trees. I did some looking around online and I haven't been able to find anything about them. They're actually really impressive and I recommend visitors go visit them.

There was actually an impressive amount of street art in Miami. Austin, Philip and Taylor spent all week finding and collecting pieces from different locations and artists.

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