Quidditch World Cup VI: Day Two

The final match for the championship title was between UCLA and University of Texas. Obviously I was disappointed to see UCLA struggle, but I was able to watch the game with our Event Director, who I adore, which was a great way to end the tournament.

 How could you not love this reaction to a win?

Sunday was a little less hectic, when it came to my responsibilities, but I'd had 7 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, so I was feeling a little less than on my A-game.

Our biggest entertainment act, and my biggest responsibility on Saturday, was StarKid who does sketch comedy of sorts. That meant I had to do more celebrity-balancing stuff throughout the day instead of just power-housing around the event. It's fascinating to me what an encounter with a little bit of celebrity-status does to people. StarKid is pretty well known, thanks to their Harry Potter themed YouTube videos, which caused quidkids to act like starry-eyed teens. There were no real issues and as with everything else, things ran smoothly as a whole, but there were a couple times I had to direct people away from StarKid, staff included.

Closing ceremonies were the thing I feel I performed weakest on. I forget how very few people actually care about the closing ceremonies, so when we gave away the sportsmanship awards after the final game, we were missing people and there wasn't as much excitement as I would have liked. If I were to do it again I'd give as many trophies away at the start of the championship match as possible. It didn't really matter, but I wish I could have done that differently.

One thing I think we all forget is how lucky we were with weather. While things were really hot on Saturday and most of Sunday, a huge thunder storm was coming our way and started an hour after the closing ceremonies. Because teams were flying out Sunday night, if there were any more delays to games, or if the rain had come any earlier, we would have been forced to post-pone the championship game. But in postponing it, I don't know when we would have finished: The storm lasted long enough and teams had to leave so who knows what we would have done!

The IQA and Kissimmee put together an after-party at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for anyone who wanted to buy tickets at the world cup. A small group of WCOT had some things to finalize some things before driving ourselves over to Universal Studios, including taking care of one of our team members who was dealing with heat exhaustion, so by the time the seven of us got to the park we walked in by ourselves. The after-party was perfect. It was dark, rainy but warm and everyone at the event was associated with the IQA so it felt like we were Hogwarts Students going to Hogsmead for the evening.

At one point it started pouring so everyone scattered to find shelter, which caused me to lose the group of friends I was with. As I stood under an overhang I saw a group of people dancing down the middle of the street. It didn't take me long to realize it was the marketing team. I'm obsessed with the entire marketing team so I bolted out and joined the madness.

I'm obsessed with the IQA, quidkids and the madness that was Quidditch World Cup VI.


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