Quidditch World Cup VI: Day One

The WCOT staff spent Friday doing prep work and finalizing plans, so that when we got to the field at 5:30 Saturday morning we were ready for the onslaught. Despite our planning, Saturday morning kind of turned into mayhem.

I tried really hard to be organized and ready but as soon as we got to the park everything went down at once and I felt completely scatter-brained. Teams arrived way earlier than anticipated; we were low on volunteers that early; last-minute changes to the opening ceremony (which included a surprise inclusion of the Harlem Shake); set-up and coordinating people. I didn't expect to have so many reasons to be running around the event all day, which is silly considering I was overseeing teams, guests and entertainment, but I was all over the place. I prefer it that way but it was nuts.

I was oblivious to this picture. This is Katie. She rocks.

Despite the fact my walkie-talkie was constantly buzzing I was able to watch a quidditch match. It's very easy to see why people love the sport. Quidditch is fast-paced, physical and unexpected. The game has very specific rules and structure, which makes it easy to follow, but the Snitch, who is a third-party person with zero rules, can do anything he/she wants so everyone is on their toes. At one point in the weekend I was driving a golf cart around the event when a Snitch ran away from his game and jumped in my cart, safely eluding the Seekers.

It was so freaking hot. This is Kedzie. He's fab.

Our entertainment for the day was Nathan Nickerson, a magician, and Harry and the Potters, a wizard rock band. Yes, you read that right. They play rock music from the perspective of Harry Potter, and they sell golden snitchwiches, which are peanut butter sandwiches with Golden Grahams cereal. If you're extra lucky they'll add honey. I was one of those people. Yes, I bounced in my golf cart seat as I ate it. Delish. And very Harry Potter.

If you aren't already a quidkid I recommend taking a few minutes to listen to this amazing TED talk from the founder of the Harry Potter Alliance about the influence of Harry Potter throughout our society.

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