Winter Shoes

Yesterday Taylor and I went to TJMaxx in search of some knock-off Uggs for me. I figured out few winters ago it's best to get $30 Fuggs because I'm so tough on boots it doesn't make sense to (as much as I'd love to) buy the name brand ones when they're going to be shot in six months.

As we walked through the shoe racks he pulled out every pair of not-Ugg boot. Apparently he thinks Uggs are awful, but every boot he pulled out I would never be able to get myself to wear, cold feet or no. At one point I found a cool pair of Ralph Lauren shoes that looked a lot like the traditional Puma style.

Me: "These are cool."
Taylor: "Yeah. They're summer shoes though."


Summer shoes? Oh yeah. This is my fifth winter in Utah and I still see any pair of close-toed shoe as a "winter" shoe.

This is why: Rainbows.

As a California kid, I wore these pretty much year-round. That picture is of me, my brother, Philip, and my sister, McKenzie, during our family portrait session last summer. Unplanned, and yet to no surprise, we all wore Rainbows. (What you don't see in this is that my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and brother-in-law, Austin, were also wearing Rainbows.)

That's why it's so hard for me to buy "winter shoes". I always want to wear flip flops and cold weather means I need to wear any type of shoe, so my feet are always cold.

These are what I did buy, though:

They're perfect: a little weird, waterproof, fully lined and warm and I want to wear them.


  1. Nothing makes cold weather bearable like having your feet warm! I had so many problems learning to live in Utah during the winter. I remember my first year a lot of people would tell me that I always looked cold. Hello! It was cold out. I used to turn the heater up in the dorms because the utilities were included. I'd wear short shorts and a t shirt. It was like summer inside! I remember Erica getting home with snow on her and look at me like, "What the hell is my roommate doing?" When I went outside, I'd layer a couple jackets, wear some pants, and thermals, and some closed toed shoes. One day someone saw me going snowboarding, and he was surprised that I had a snowboarding jacket. He said, "Why don't you wear that to school so you're warm." Me: "It's for snowboarding... ... ?" Like, didn't he know? I finally got the being warm in cold weather thing last winter in Germany. Only took me a couple years or so... And now I'll be ridiculously warm in southern California this winter... Except at your wedding!

  2. I know! We're a little behind, but we did figure it out. Thankfully we'd seen snow before coming to Utah, otherwise we really would have had a tough time.