Random life snapshots

  1. My birthday is in 98 days.
  2. I finally got my hair cut yesterday. I last got my hair cut in July, before leaving Utah, and I've been pushing it off, but the final straw was when my mom mentioned taking family portraits over Christmas. I went to the local Aura salon. I highly recommend them, they're connected with Aveda and I've always been pleased with what Aveda does. Jamie cut my hair dry, which was a first for me and I loved it. She washed, dried, straitened my hair and then cut it. It looks and feels wonderful! (Extra bonus: My hair smells great still!)
  3. The following pictures are:
    1. The sunrise from our balcony.
    2. Testing red lipstick.
    3. Homemade cookie cutter from Grandad Hurst.
    4. Elizabeth's color coordination.
    5. Proof McKenzie has taught me everything I need to know about topknots, messy buns and head scarves.

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